The Fools Wisdom

It’s been a while since I last penned my Angel Guidance on Blogger have been wanting to resume writing my weekly guidance but just couldn’t do it.Recently when I was browsing through different oracle cards in a bookshop i saw this deck of Fools Wisdom oracle cards by Sonia Choquette. These cards are divided between Major and Minor fools. The minor fools indicate the daily happenings or what could come into our lives whereas the major fools talk about our subconscious, our patterns which are coming into focus for healing or for a need to change them.The imagery and interpretation is so beautiful I was tempted to start a fresh blog on Fools Wisdom.

Fools Wisdom from 8th November

The Art Fool

This week the Art fool is paying us a visit and calling us to give way to creativity as a creative expression brings us great satisfaction as it is the only way our soul expresses itself. It is a call for us to look within and see what creative expression appeals to us the most.Reclaim your creativity, whether it is writing,music,dance,gardening,sewing anything that resonates with you is your channel of communication with your soul. Do not concern yourself with the opinion of others as some will appreciate and applaud you and others may not.Do not wait for directions from others pick up the tools that draw you to them and know that you are being guided by your soul to transform your life.

The Play Fool

The play fool is here to brighten our days and to lighten us up.Life is difficult and is meant to be fully enjoyed.There are times when we feel lost and burdened by the vagaries of life.Play keeps us connected to our spirit and the play fool has come into our reading to bring back the play factor in our lives and an invitation to rejoin the party. Tap the right side of your brain and imagine life is a beautiful playground and you will see it turning into a playground of opportunities.

The Law Fool

The Law fool asks us to examine the rules we live by. Are we fair and just in our dealings with other people?Are all our actions based on honesty and impartial?There are certain laws and rules which help us navigate our life effortlessly if we respect these laws. There are social laws that are laid down for our protection, scientific laws that guide us to protect our physical health,spiritual laws that tell us that we are a divine being born in the likeness of god  with an ability to create life based on our imagination and desire, if we give love we get love and if we give fear we get fear.This card wants us to awaken our awareness and respect for the laws in all realms. We are advised to make wise choices that help our physical,mental,social and spiritual development.These guidelines can help us become better players at the game of life.

See you next week with another message from our loving fool, till then

know that you are blessed and loved and not alone anymore

Source: Sonia Choquette


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