Fools Wisdom

The Fools Wisdom from 16th November

The Hand Fool

The Hand fool is here again and he is questioning us on why we can’t let go? We as human beings have a tendency to hold on to old hurts,pain, heartache and fear and anxieties. He wants us to know that what we attach ourselves to, we experience that in our life.If it is hurt then we experience hurt as we are willing the universe by thinking and expecting it constantly. If it is yesterdays disappointment and failings that we are holding to, or even victories, we cannot experience our positive goals of today.Sometimes we try to grasp at the future before time and ignore the miracles that today has.The Hand fool wants us to go within and see what we hold dearest, is it what we love  or is it what we fear?If it is love hold on tight and if it is fear let it go.By releasing what doesn’t serve us anymore in our lives we allow new opportunities and life to come in.Be practical, don’t over extend yourself, address only what is there in our present and matters to us.This is how we become the architects of our lives.

The Ignorant Fool

The reason Ignorant fool is dancing through our door is because he wants us to open up to the awareness of what we think is true. He wants us to know that the only truth that we know is what is in our heart and that too might change as we grow and evolve.He wants us to question our thoughts, how are our thoughts influencing us? do they make us happy and motivate us or are they depressed and leave us anxious and depressed. It is also time for us to ask ourselves do we know enough? do we know enough about our selves, the people who inhabit our world and our lives? Let us open our heart to the ignorant fool and invite him to make us aware and to understand more about our lives, of what is important to us for our growth. Let us give up our outdated ideas, thought patterns and simplify our lives, discard what takes us away from our heart’s ability to love and accept ourselves.There is little need to know more at times than to simply love ourselves and others without knowing why.

Righteous Fool

Is the righteous fool patrolling around you? Do you feel that there is always something wrong with everyone and everything?That the world around is a crazy place and you would love to give people a piece of your mind and set it right? When the righteous fool appears it indicates that we are feeling self righteous and judging others.When this fool raises his head he is telling us that that there is something wrong with our lives, it is time for us to realise that there is room for improvement in our lives.What is it that we can better ourselves at and how? Maybe by consulting others or an expert. Even if you feel you have an invaluable suggestion and you want to convey it make sure you don’t do it harshly or condescendingly there is no use of imparting a brilliant idea if no one is ready to hear it because of it’s dreadful delivery.The righteous fool is telling us that acting holier than thou is easy but it is not easy to regain people who could get hurt due to insensitivity.So, sit back, take a deep breath and let go the need to control everything and everyone and then decide the right course of action to take.

That’s all for now, see you again next week with another message from our loving fool.

Till then remember you are loved and blessed

Source: Sonia Choquette


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