Angel Guidance 17th November

Fresh Air

The Angels have sent this card to us as we have been indoors too long and our body and soul crave for some fresh air and oxygen.Get out and breathe in deeply and as you do so you will feel lighter and better. Walk in the park or better still walk barefoot on grass and as you connect with earth energies you will feel the negativity and stress from your body give way to a relaxed physical and mental state.


The Angels here are advising us to ask them for help more often.They cannot help us if we dont ask them for assistance, as they are governed by many universal laws; free will being one of them.They can help us in all the areas of our life whether it is health,job, money, ideas,courage, faith, confidence and clarity.There are times when we get disheartened and we complain about the lack in our lives,the angels want us to break the pattern and instead have a chat with them, talk to them like we would to a friend or to our self and ask them for their help in any situation and they will present us with a divine solution to our problem.

Opportunity to Forgive

This card has come as a reminder to us about harbouring resentments and anger towards someone.The Angels are telling us that it has become an old negative pattern in our lives and we need to release it.Decide to break out of this pattern by deep breathing and with each exhalation release your fears, worries, guilt, resentment and anger to the angels.Release all the toxic feelings we have bottled inside and open your heart to forgiveness.By forgiving someone who has wronged us; does not mean that we approve of their actions; it means, we are not ready to carry the toxic emotions within us always.


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