Angel Guidance 24th November


Do you often feel dissatisfied and struggle with work? Do you often wish you could do something on your own that would better suit your temperament? Then this is a clear sign from your angels that self employment is better suited to your disposition. Please do not worry and don’t let self doubt defeat your ideas, inspiration and the dynamism you possess. Take a baby step forward today, think of doing something that would give you immense pleasure and satisfaction, follow through this idea with freelancing when possible, the angels will support you through your journey, working along with you supporting all your efforts till you are fully committed to establishing a brand new business.


This is a sign from the Angels that a positive phase in your relationships is beginning.The Angels say that our primary relationship is with God himself and every other relationship begins from there.The more closely we snuggle with the creator, the faster we will heal, attract and balance our relationships.They also tell us that when we feel whole,loved and safe inside so do our relationships bloom on the outside.The Angels reassure us that our thoughts about a current relationship are right and we should act upon them,they are also assisting us in manifesting a new and loving relationship.Those who are in an abusive relationship it is a sign that the abuse or the relationship itself is coming to a healthy ending.

Change in direction

A wonderful new phase of life has just begun and the angels are happy by the opening of your heart and mind to the new possibilities.Our old way of life and thinking is on its way out and we may realise this by seeing and feeling the lack of interest in the things that we did previously.The angels want you to know that there is nothing to worry and that you are being supported in this period of transition. Honour your new interests and passion as you are being led to the career and lifestyle that suits you best.Welcome anything new that comes into your life now as it may have far reaching impact though at present you are not aware of it.


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