Fools Wisdom Week of 24th November

The Duty Fool

The duty fool asks us to undertake- all tasks, obligations, responsibilities and services necessary for the fulfillment of our highest intentions and personal growth.There is a likelihood that you could be entrusted with a new responsibility the Fool advises us that if we become accountable to our duties with a positive attitude and loving effort it does not take away from our freedom rather, it gives us grounded,realistic and practical power in all that we do.We are told that our duties lie beyond being a parent, an employee or a friend we have to give our goals the time,love and energy they need to become a reality.We also have a duty towards the evolution of our soul.


The Joy Fool

The Joy Fool is at our doorstep,asking us to call in our rapture and gaiety.Let’s focus our attention to to all the things that give us pleasure, remember the time when someone made you laugh uncontrollably, when someone told you that they cared about you.Bring your attention to all the million things that lit up your face and made you smile, experience that joy, feel it, then multiply that feeling manifold and let yourself soak in the joy.When we experience Joy we are connected to the spirit.It is very easy to lose joy and live without it but that is just existence.Feeling happy isn’t necessarily a reflection of what is going on in the outer world, it is the connection with the Great creator and feeling the love that bursts forth to you from the divine.No matter what issues press on us today lift your burdens  by lightening your mood and lifting your spirits.View the sunrise or sunset,feel the breeze against your skin, examine the shapes of the clouds, sing, dance have a great meal and enjoy your existence to the full.Look around, when we stop looking we become dependent on our ego and it’s much too insecure and fickle to experience utter joy for very long.Know that being joyful is a decision of the spirit, don’t postpone it seize it.


The Grace Fool

The Grace Fool wants us to know that we are one of God’s most favoured and blessed creations.Relax your mind and enter into a state of subtle awareness so that you can connect with the powerful flow of divine grace.Allow the grace fool to walk before you, showering you with his blessings and making your way pleasant and peaceful.Feel grace flow on either side of you, surrounding you in the companionship of a divine escort; feel grace flow behind you watching your back and keeping distress at bay.Feel God’s grace beneath your foot as it holds you up while providing our every need.

See you next week till then

Know that you are loved and blessed

Source: Sonia Choquette



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