Angel Guidance 1st December


Dear friends the Angels reassure us with this card that a particular situation and people involved in it are guiltless.They encourage us in seeing others and ourselves as innocent.If you are involved in a situation where you are harbouring guilt or you hold somebody guilty then it is time that you adopt a more forgiving attitude towards others and yourself.They do not say that you continue to have a relationship with those you distrust but it is necessary to vent toxic emotions from our system. Guilt attracts negativity and represses our emotions, let’s look inside ourselves, find the godliness and perfection that god created and release our guilt to the Angels. Looking at others with love will raise our vibration and manifest love in our lives.

Let your past go

Dear Friends, the load of carrying the past around has indeed been tiresome.The Angels are asking us today to let go of the past as our thoughts and feelings are still connected to it and hindering our moving forward.We are asked to question ourselves about the lesson we have learnt from this particular incident in our lives,forgive the individuals concerned and move on.We do not want to repeat the painful pattern again therefore it is desirable that we let it go,release the negativity concerning our past and keep our vibrations high for attracting more positive events and people in our lives.

Reward Yourself

Dear All you have been giving so much of yourself to others but its time now for you to Reward Yourself.
Do something special for yourself,pamper yourself,feel and accept love and see your Inner child respond with enthusiasm and joy. You will also feel a boost in your energy and will be motivated to take on new challenges.Balance giving with receiving,only giving drains you of energy so go ahead and do something for yourself without feeling any guilt.


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