Fools Wisdom for the week of 1st December

The Truth Fool

What a wonderful card this is, the truth fool is on the scene to strengthen our integrity and return us to wholeness!

This card is urging us to examine the contents of our lives- which aspects are in harmony with our true spirit- our most authentic self and which are not? Do we put on a mask in front of others, are we being honest with others about who we really are or we put up a front in front of others?It is very important that we be genuine with ourselves and others. Lets look within and see the uncomfortable truths that we are brushing under the carpet and thereby keeping ourselves prisoners.It is time to end the People pleasing pattern and start respecting the truth within us and others.Allow yourself to express your authenticity by being respectful and loving towards yourself and others.Connect with your higher self and ask yourself ‘If I weren’t afraid I would…… be honest and do it.The truth fool also is advising us that if there is a situation that requires us to be dishonest or prevent us from being our authentic self then let it go if it upsets people or frightens them just remember you can no longer ignore your own needs or feelings.

The Doubt Fool

The doubt fool asks us to question  what appears before us  and look inside for a deeper understanding beyond the facts that are being presented to us. Doubt the negativity and cynicism, doubt the thoughts and ideas your anxieties and insecurities whisper to you.Doubt that distrusting the world is a sound policy and doubt that love has passed you by.The only thing that we cannot doubt is our inner voice, pay attention to the whispers of the divine spirit as it speaks to you. Don’t doubt yourself, no matter what others say Positive things are developing even if they aren’t visible to the eye at the moment.The doubt fool says we often ignore the messages of our spirit and rely on the opinions of others, summon the courage to follow your light today even though others may call you foolish.


The Color Fool

The color fool surprises us today suggesting that we liven up our life with fresher,brighter and more colorful outlook.Follow this fools’ way by adopting a positive attitude.By doing so, all things look brighter even our challenges take on a colorful hue.A negative filter or viewpoint on the other hand steals away the color, leaving everything a depressing shade of grey.The color fool is summoning us lest we miss the magic, allow your eyes to absorb the wonderful array of delights that await us.Come on, lets get enchanted and discard the bland beige of a dull existence, negative thought patterns and pessimism. Experiment with the colors of our outlook and notice how a situation changes depending on the hue we cast over it.

See you next week, till then Know you are loved and blessed

Source: Sonia Choquette


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