Fools Wisdom for the week of 8th December

The Youth Fool

The Youthful Fool whirls and twirls across our threshold today, inviting us to remember that we are a timeless spirit free of all limitations.The only obstacles on our path are the ones we have placed there ourselves.This fool is here is to remind us of the freedom and folly of our younger days and wants us to get a little wild.We are asked to rediscover the love for life and the joy of discovery.Look out the window with fresh eyes and allow ourselves to be playful.Youth is fearless and that’s exactly what we must strive to be. Are some of us so firmly grounded that we forget to live?Let’s break out of the rigid outworn habits and welcome a fresh approach to the problems or challenges at hand.The youth fool is inviting us to pursue the life we want and not to just endure the one we have.

The Crazy Fool

Are you feeling a little crazy? That is not surprising as the crazy fool has slipped in causing our thoughts, our emotions, our judgements; all to slip out of control. We feel temporarily out of control and aggravated by the stirring up of unhealed wounds from the past colliding with too much stimulation from the present and the outer world. We feel distraught and disconnected from our authentic spirit as the ego is desperately trying to run the show.Hold tight and do not panic, the crazy fool visits everyone from time to time. The crazy fool shows up when life is moving faster than we are able to cope with it, causing us to feel threatened and insecure.This fool normally blows things out of proportion and distorts them, he sends our emotions into an overdrive and turns us into highly reactive, dramatic and destructive selves. To control the crazy fool it is important to recognise our vulnerabilities, find compassion for our self and step away from a distressing situation. Reassure your inner child who is the crazy fool in disguise, go deep within and breathe deeply tell your inner child that you are safe and everything is fine with the world and it will be

The Beauty Fool

The beauty Fool is awakening in us, urging us to nourish our spirit through a strong connection to all the beauty around us.Beauty is not something to behold occasionally but it is the inspiration behind all creative expression.Beauty heals by soothing the jagged edges of our ego, opening our heart and waking us up to the spirit of love. Observe keenly the beauty around us and within us, notice everything that is lovely in our lives and the beauty present in all relations and challenges.Only when our eyes are open to the beauty in all things that we can manifest everything we might ever desire and more.

See you next week till then

know you are blessed and loved

Source: Sonia Choquette


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