Mystical Soul Tarotscopes 2nd Dec- 9th Dec 2014

Aries- The time has finally come Aries to start a passionate love affair with life. Let new ideas and thoughts encourage you to expand your horizons, let them crystallise and form a roadmap to prepare you for the next step of your journey. Take time and plan for your future as any project started now will need nurturing and a push from your end.

Taurus- The restlessness you have been experiencing lately is pointing you towards the need for a more positive and relaxed attitude. Try to curb rash or extreme decisions this week. There is likelihood of a new partnership coming into your life.This could be professional, spiritual or an emotional partnership. There is no point carrying old wounds that do not allow you to move forward Taurus. Forgiveness is not easy but has its own rewards.

Gemini- There could be some health issues Gemini so do not neglect your health. New deals,contracts and clients could be appearing in your life but it is important that you do a background check and go through the paperwork minutely to avoid any setbacks later. The good news is that there could be someone new arriving on the scene to cheer you up.

Cancer- There are times when life hands us only brickbats and we have to learn our lesson and move on. There are indications of an opportunity where you will be called upon to bring in your expertise and guide people.Those looking for a relationship will find someone a soulmate relationship on the horizon but remember soulmate relationships come into our lives to hold a mirror to us and help us evolve.

Leo- A major decision is looming large in front of you. There could be a career or a job change coming into your life.It would be wise to take stock of your situation and then move ahead. This is also a phase of renewal people who once seemed lost will suddenly show up. Time to review your motives and be ethical in every sphere of life is required.

Virgo- Virgo its time you got down to work. Drifting aimlessly or even allowing our thoughts to drift aimlessly is not going to get us anywhere. Bring organisation, discipline and persistence into your life. The doors to an abundant and prosperous future are going to be flung open and you need to be fully prepared.

Libra- Wearing yourself out is not going to get you anywhere Libra. You are overworked, mentally and physically exhausted. It is important you take things under control and avoid the dangers of falling ill.You have given your best to a situation and now you need to let go so it reaches its natural conclusion. Positive results will definitely materialise from decisions taken wisely.

Scorpio-  Your head has been ruling your life for sometime and it is very important for you to listen to your heart too. Too much logic and practicality creates distance in relationships which is hard to bridge.Your intuition is at its peak right now and it will guide you to bring more compassion and empathy in your life. Listen to it.

Sagitarius- You are going to dance a merry dance Sagitarius. New opportunities, excitement, speedy action all are going to enter your life. It is a glorious time to be swept off your feet and that someone could be just round the corner. Your life is going to get busier and more action packed as time goes by.

Capricorn- You are really not prone to creating misunderstandings or strife for others.Your natural trait of being fair and just should come to the fore now. Avoid any harsh behaviour and right all wrongs whether real or imaginary. You need warmth, laughter and love at this moment give others the same and it will return to you manifold.

Aquarius- Aquarius you are being too hard on yourself, there is no need for it. When we attach our self worth to our possessions we are in for a disappointment.I see you simplifying your needs and your life and valuing yourself once again. There could be chances of a deal going awry or unnecessary delays blocking your progress have patience. Try not to invest at this point of time.

Pisces- You have your eyes trained on that goal and you are going to achieve it. This is a great time to learn new skills, hone your creativity and focus on what you want to achieve. When you want the other person to express  more warmth and love in a relationship you have to initiate it first.Give and it will come back to you manifold.

See you next week and till then….

know you are loved and truely blessed…


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