Mystical Tarot scopes from 23rd – 30th December 2014

Aries- Dear Aries this is a time where you have to tread carefully. You could be confused and there could be lack of clarity in your work sphere, you could also get a feeling that you are being pulled in two different directions and don’t know which way to turn. Do not worry and believe in yourself and your abilities. There could be a baffling situation where all seems fine on the surface but there are issues to be resolved, just remember compromise, good         communication skills and patience will take you a long way.

Taurus- This phase dear Taurus calls you to rely on yourself, The only way you are going to earn rich dividends is through your own hard work, perseverance and commitment towards your goals. You have to start making realistic plans regarding your money or property. The cards see a simple, dependable and devoid of artifice person could enter your life.

Gemini how long are you going to keep quiet about your desires and your needs? This is an ideal time to make your voice heard and to let your opinions be known to people who matter. Be forthright and take charge of your life professionally and personally. Use your communication skills and intellect to win over people but be sure that your communication is fair and just where all are concerned.

Cancer- There is a pall of discontent, boredom and gloom hanging around you dear Cancer. Allow this discontent to turn into awareness of who you are and what you really want to do? Do you feel that there is distance between you and your loved one that cant be bridged try to bridge this gap with grace, tenderness and empathy to avoid discord resulting in a separation.

Leo-  Leo you are starting on a new leg of this journey called life.The destination is far off but walk you must.The cards and gods want you to be guided by your intuition and your child like faith in the wonderment of life.This path could signify a career change, a new job or a relationship that seems fated. If already in relationship You are requested to enjoy this new phase in your existing relationship with joy and enthusiasm. There could be many surprises on your way to your destination but keep an open mind, listen to your heart and take that leap of faith

You are requested to

enjoy this new phase in your existing relationship with joy and enthusiasm. There could be many surprises on your way to your destination but keep an open mind, listen to your heart and take that leap of faith

Virgo- Dear Virgo stop being bullied by people and learn to live your own truth. Your distraction and indecisiveness can cause you to lose money or other precious projects that you need right now. Bring clarity to your thoughts and be firm, try to brook interference from other people and try to learn as much as you can so you can stand on your own.

You lucky Libra! after the struggles and upheavals of the past you have come to a haven of rest. You are secure and content.You love and feel loved in return, you are aware of how hard you have worked to come this far.There is a sense of contentment, financial security and stability which comes from supportive family relationships. Prosperity and abundance are present in your life and there are chances of you receiving a grant or a windfall.For those who are single this is a good time to tie the knot.

Scorpio- These last few weeks have been a little rough Scorpio but that does not warrant an almost austere outlook to life. It is time for you to open your heart and express yourself freely.Give and receive love and participate in the game of life. An inspiring opportunity that offers you an avenue to be innovative is in the works and could materialise shortly.The cards want you to rekindle your zest for life and living at this point of time.

A very positive time is ushering in for Sagis, you feel upbeat, bold and competent to handle anything. The negativity and pain of the past fades into the background giving way to harmonious and tranquil times. You are in the right position where you can look at increasing your financial returns and also manage your resources effectively. There is somebody special out there which makes these times even more exciting and positive. Marriage sure is a possibility.

Capricorn- The time is right capricorn to come out of your shell and let the light shine on you. The universe is conspiring to bring you to your full potential and to guide you towards success. These are times cap when your artistic ability and intuition will find a creative outlet and you will see your work being acclaimed. This is no time for halfhearted daydreams this is a time for energetic co creation with the universe to fulfill all that you desire. Put some joy and enthusiasm and let the world know what you are capable of.

Aquarius- Abundance is on its way dear Aquarius, if lately you have been dogged by financial worries then they are sure to pass off.You may find a beneficial partnership that works to your advantage. This is no time for being uptight and refusing any aid from people who want to help. Start being benevolent with your resources, time and talents and you will see prosperity knocking on your door. There are times when we feel alone and unloved but if we see the light within others and love them we will soon be encircled in love that is almost divine.

Pisces- There is a strong need for you to build your confidence and self worth Pisces.To enjoy and participate in the new opportunities that come you need to let go your self effacing nature and take a bold step. Challenges will present themselves on your path and you have to take your chances by committing yourself completely. Stop hesitating and fluctuating, be committed and you will see opportunities knocking your door.


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