Mystical Soul Tarotscopes 30th December – 6th Jan 2015

Dear fellow Soul beings 2015 starts and hope this year brings you lot of happiness and abundance and with this I bring to you the Tarot scopes for the last few days of December and the first week of Jan. Wish you a very Happy New Year with newer beginnings.

Aries- There is peace and contentment for you Aries, you feel a sense of accomplishment as many projects will get completed and many loose ends will be tied up.There is giving and receiving and you sense consistency and goodwill in your relationships.Any new initiative started now will reach a fruitful conclusion. Relax, for now, you will reap the rewards of your hard work.

Taurus- The veils are going to be parted Taurus and whatever was shrouded in mystery is going to come out in the open.Things that were baffling you will now start making sense and they will force you to look at what exists beneath the surface rather than face value.You are being asked to silent your mind and pay attention to your intuition about finances and let it guide you in your work too.The feelings that you harbour about a certain someone are also real for your inner knowing is pointing you in the right direction. So trust yourself.

Gemini- It is time Gemini to let go of the old ideas and habits that do not serve any purpose any more. These habits will prove to be more of an encumbrance on your path to fulfillment.It is better to take time out for introspection and confront your fears. A new challenge could appear as a roadblock on your path to success so draw on your strengths and meet the challenge head on. You have the resilience and the power to do it.

Cancer- Times are changing for the better dear Cancer after a trying period comes a time of tranquility. You have more insight and knowledge you have gained through lessons learnt and this knowledge will take you far. Now is the time to make wise decisions and apply all that you have learnt. You have left behind the days of negative thought patterns and limited worldview and are ready for new adventures. Some of you could be travelling and it could form a major part of your work.

Leo- Leos you are getting stuck in a rut and you are being advised to devise new ways of discharging your duties at work.There is a need to change your attitude and become a little more adjusting and supportive of others. Being receptive and open minded instead of being critical and negative  could take you a long way At work there is a surprise coming your way as you could find that your role and responsibilities have changed try to be flexible and take it in your stride.Try to be understanding instead of being judgemental in your relationships.

Virgo- Change is on the horizon Virgo and it could come on suddenly. The cards are telling you to crawl out of your comfort zone and see the world for what it really is. The mystery is about to reveal itself though it may feel discomforting and disturbing but you will realise in the long run that transformation occurs when one is forced to destroy the old and build anew. Once the transformation sets in you will be free of all that held you back.There is likelihood of a career change or change in your role welcome this change.

Libra- You find abundance knocking on your door libra. Make use of this phase to allocate your finances and resources in the best possible way.New partnership opportunities, teamwork or groups play a large role in your life at the moment. You are being advised to indulge in sensual activities learn to appreciate and care for your body, if in a relationship this seems to be a mature connection with an equal degree of give and take. Mutual respect and stability are a possibility in this relationship.

Scorpio- Scorpios the time has come for you to give your work all you got. Apply your knowledge earnestly and try to hone your skills.Your goal is reachable it depends on how badly you want to achieve it. You maybe required to traverse any length to achieve the perfection that is required from you at this point. Dedication and focus are going to take you a long way.

 Sagitarius- It is not good to see life pass by Sagi, you have to fully participate in it, be a part of it. You have plans and ideas and you need to put them to work for your benefit. Take control of your finances and turn them around. Welcome opportunities that stretch your imagination and capabilities to their full potential.Add zest and creativity to your life but make sure you dont compromise on your principles in anyway.

 Capricorn- Dear cap new opportunities and new ideas about it is now time for you to make use of the opportunity that the universe is providing you. There is an open canvas spread in front of you to draw the road map for your future. Try to bring more focus in your business ventures and your job. Bring in your intellect and your creativity and use the tools of communication to your advantage.

Aquarius- Why this despondency Aquarius? You feel trapped, disheartened and don’t know whom to turn to.You should realise that thesituation is really not as bad as you think.There are chances that you could be allowing others to interfere in your life and making things unbearable for yourself. Aquarius don’t underestimate yourself or your prowess to deal with situations. Dont let fears, insecurities tie you down focus on consolidating for the moment.

Pisces- Oh Pisces love abounds! There is immense love in this relationship, your inner being and outer self feel totally aligned and in harmony.This relationship offers mutual respect, understanding and compassion for each other. There is an indication that you could benefit from partnering with someone in business. Try to bring in creativity and a bit of zaniness in your work to make it more appealing to others.


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