Mystical Soul Tarotscopes from Jan 6th – 13th 2015

Aries– New opportunities, accolades, honour and success in your professional life await you. Dear Aries, you may land the perfect job or find that a project that suits your temperament shows up out of the blue. This is the time when you are totally aligned with the universe and have the ability to manifest your dreams.Watch the flow of negative thoughts and repeat cancel, cancel, cancel to prevent them having any effect on you.In love you can look forward to a devoted and loving partnership.

Taurus– Dear Taurus, do listen to others with an open mind but dont let them force their expectations and ideas on you.Try to apply the wisdom and experience you have gained over the years and take the reigns of your financial matters in your hand. You need freedom of expression and intellectual stimulation in all areas of your life.If you feel your present situation is not providing you these elements then perhaps it would be better if you seek other avenues.
 Gemini– Gemini there are happier times ahead, there is clarity about your future plans, enthusiasm and creative success. You find yourself being unusually receptive, generous and open in all that you do. You can expect a repayment of a debt given in the past, there is also a possibility of a past relationship suddenly coming to life. There is an open road in front of you without any obstacles as far as relationships are concerned and a great time to touch the profound depths of your love for your partner.
 Cancer-You are advised to follow a balanced behaviour dear Cancer. It is time you forgot the old hurts and allowed old wounds to heal, avoid power games, ego battles and allow love to unravel in it’s own good time.Professionally it would be better to compromise and cooperate with your colleagues. Financially pay attention to your debts and try to balance spending with investing.
  Leo-Dear Leos. your spiritual and intuitive side is coming to the fore.Listen to your gut instinct and follow your intuition while handling financial matters.Logic and practicality take a backseat now as you are guided and used by your intuition, trust yourself and the decisions that you take. Your gut feeling about a person or a situation could be correct too.
 Virgo–  A period where you express your aesthetic self freely and enthusiastically begins. You will want to immerse yourself  in giving the finishing touches to a creative endeavour which could win you great accolades. This is the time to give concrete shape to your plans and ideas and share them with others.You are about to manifest your dreams Virgo but you have to get out and about and talk …promote yourself.
 Libra– Libra the time is right for you to augment your fortunes doing something you are excited about. I can see new opportunities that spark your interest and promise growth, come your way. New energy envelopes you and enthuses you to heights of creativity. Welcome these opportunities as they are the building blocks to success and abundance but be prepared to give it your all.For singles a passionate relationship is in the offing.
 Scorpio– Scorpios try to be as transparent and keep things as aboveboard as possible.Where work is concerned equilibrium and an equal distribution of work and responsibility is called for.Do not be guided by self interest or unfair means. There is a need for you to be more kind, thoughtful and fair in all your dealings. If there is a matter that needs to be decided by higher authorities or courts be sure that it would be in your favour.
 Sagitarius– Things are looking up for you Sagi, there is improvement in your material wealth andit displays the nature of the universe where things are already determined for you. This good phase comes upon unexpectedly led by a divine force that is guiding your life and not through great planning. Challenges get resolved and things turn to your favour. Your relationships get better or a new relationship comes into your life which is very fulfilling.
 Capricorn– Do not indulge in power struggles Capricorn as it is futile. Your mind is very restless at the moment and tends to drift and you may be over emotional about certain things but this is not the time to lose control you need to seize control of your resources and see that they are deployed at th right places and earning good revenues.There is a great need for integrity, trust and devotion in your relationship nurture, enjoy and share equally everything  but do not be misled by manipulative behaviour.

Aquarius– This phase brings an end to one chapter of your life and makes you start afresh. Old beliefs, thought patterns and attitudes are going to be replaced by a new perspective and a new world view.The old must gives way for the new to come in, you may switch to a new career or a new job, If you find yourself restricted by your present situation then it is time for you to change things and look for things more satisfying.

Pisces- Pisces your times are changing, there are new projects, job opportunities or business ventures awaiting, you are coming into a period where your financial situation is going to ease considerably depending on the hard work and dedication you put into your ventures.There is a possibility of a new romance starting up at the work place which could leave you breathless and yearning for more but hold your horses and be practical for a while.


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