Mystical Soul Tarotscopes 10th – 17th February 2015

Aries- Dear Aries this is a happy and positive time for you when things work out as if switched onn from above. There is lots you get to achieve this week. A time of learning, new partnerships and teammates could come into your life so that you achieve outstanding  results.Relationships bloom at this time and you feel a deep connection and reciprocation of feelings and warmth that flow between you and your partner.In business things could improve by uniting your resources, experience and talent with a like minded partner.

Taurus- Taurus you  are slowly and surely getting there, wise investments and financial stability are indicated.You need to take a good look at yourself and reevaluate yourself you tend to be modest and diffident and often underestimate yourself and your abilities.Try and form innovative and inspiring alliances to get the best outcomes.Your are ready and willing to try your luck at romance and you are now ready to look embark on a relationship based on trust, mutual respect and love.

Gemini-Dear Gemini, last few weeks have really left you feeling down and exhausted but now slowly you will be covering lost ground. Where there have been delays things will come through, where there have been losses you could expect a recovery and movement in your finances.It wont come easy and it will take some time but certainly things will be moving in a more stable direction.The cards advise you to keep at it and not to lose focus on your goals and not give up.

Cancer-Is your life careening off course Cancer? It is time to bring some balance into your life. Too much work makes Jack a dull boy there is a great need for you to balance work with play, find time for yourself do things that give you pleasure and bring some serenity in your life. There is a possibility you could be heading towards a difference of opinion or disagreement at your work place.See that you nip the situation in the bud, try to understand their point of view and reach a compromise if necessary. Avoid power and ego struggles as they are the roadblocks to your growth at this point of time.

Leo- This is the time for far reaching consequences of the decisions taken. This is also a period of introspection and renewal. You may have to take stock of your life and decide to let go off what has outlived it’s usefulness. Your financial decisions could also affect your fortunes for times to come. Whatever decision is impending has to be made after a great thought and after considering what is best for everybody concerned. Honesty and moral uprightness are called for, you do not want to carry added baggage on this leg of your journey.

Virgo- Lucky Virgo this week abundance will flow to you through the work you are passionate about. Let your creative nature come to the fore and let your imagination take wings. You are advised to just pour your creativity and fervour into a project or business venture that comes through now. Success is just round the corner but first you  have to learn to be assertive and stand up for your convictions.In a relationship you both express your passion, devotion and loyalty wholeheartedly but beware of jealousy.

 Libra-Dear Librans, this is a time of transition and although it is good to be guided by your intuition it is always a good thing to keep your wits and rationale around you.You are in for your place in the sun where your imagination and aesthetic sense are at their highest peak and they will inspire you to create works of very high caliber.In your relationships it would be wise to be more flexible and not judge others too harshly.

Scorpio- This time calls for total engagement from your end in all that you do, this would in turn bring you prosperity and will help you consolidate your resources. Focus on all the aspects of your career, give it your best shot and don’t lose sight of your goals. Though it it may seem as a lot of hard work at the moment it is going to pay you very rich dividends later.Sincerity and commitment are called for now to reach  abundance and peace in every sphere of your life.

Sagitarius- Sagi, you could be starting a new project which will require total dedication and energy from your end.This project is likely to be in partnership with a person who could be trustworthy and has your interest at heart.You are in for a leadership role where you will be leading, guiding and inspiring others to reach new goals.There are times when we shy away from taking on the responsibility but be bold, step forward as your talent and abilities are going to be appreciated by one and all. Stop merging in the background and let the light shine on you.This is the time to live life courageously.

Capricorn- Are you going through a rough time financially Capricorn? This card reflects that perhaps things haven’t turned out quite as you expected, perhaps a deal hasn’t paid off or you made the wrong judgement of investing in the wrong business. If you see no chance of recovery or revival it would be better to get out and not waste any more energy,money or time.There is despondency in your career  and your personal life and nothing seems satisfying anymore if you feel things are not working out as you had anticipated it is better to move to something more exciting.

Aquarius- Prosperity, happiness and good luck all come to you.This card not only promises good luck in financial matter but also promises riches and stability beyond expectation.In your profession you have new opportunities, recognition and advancement . There is a possibility of landing a coveted job in a particular field. This good fortune usually befalls those who have learnt their lessons and live authentically. When you live authentically you allow abundance to flow in.


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