Mystical Tarotscope from Feb 17th – 24th 2015


Aries-  Dear Aries this is a time for introspection and reflection.You are being asked by the cards to take out a few moments of solitude for yourself to reflect on the direction your life is taking. Where your work is concerned you are very close to success and being recognised try to be as attentive and organised as possible to reach your goal.In a relationship try and make the time to connect with each other and spend time together.

Taurus- Taurus dear this is a time to straighten up matters and to right some wrongs.Try to inculcate the qualities of fairness, kindness and selflessness within you.There could be some legal matters you could be dealing with in relation to some property or money and it is advisable that you play it fair and not  try to acquire what does not belong to you. See that the work is delegated equally at your work place creating some work life balance.It is time to be open and forthright in your relationships.

Gemini- You have a great deal of knowledge which needs to come to the fore. Financial matters need to be handled with care. There is a great scope for earning profit if you tap into your knowledge, experience and networking skills.Your negative thought patterns could act as a road block to your own prosperity. Try to cultivate a positive mindset and wait for things to change for the better. There is a possibilty that your work place no more enthuses or motivates you, that is because you have multiple interests, if you feel restricted and confined it would be better to look for better opportunities.

Cancer – Things should be going smoothly for you cancer you will have enough money and the wisdom to invest and use the money properly.There is a possibility of a group partnership or alliance that comes your way and you will benefit from this alliance. Teamwork is called for and it will provide you with an opportunity to use your abilities and talents wisely.In a relationship look for respect, trust and affection.

Leo- Are you very confused leo? There is an indication of your struggling with an issue and you are unable to decide what decision to take. There will come an opportunity that the mentor you have been waiting for shall appear and teach you great things.Joining  group activities will benefit you greatly. You will develop an interest to work in a field that requires know how, religion or heritage. If you are in a relationship there is all likelihood that you and your partner may share a common goal and will bring out the best part in both of you.

Virgo- An unexpected surge of energy comes your way Virgo this energy will enable you to accomplish pending tasks..This is is a sign from above that whatever it is you have been wanting to accomplish will be accomplished now but please use your discretion. There could be a coworker who is not supportive of your efforts and could make trouble for you. Remember to keep your calm and not get involved in  this battle. Life is suddenly going to get very busy for you virgo and it would be wise to keep a check   on where you are going.

Libra- Libra do you feel as if you are caught between the rock and a hard place? The cards indicate that you are wary and scared of moving forward lest you get hurt. Try to keep an open mind and move forward, do not fear the unfamiliar as it holds many promises for you. Keep a positive outlook and don’t undermine yourself where you feel helpless. Don’t let your fears hold you back as the problems you perceive are mostly in your mind and not a reality.

Scorpio- You are embarking on a new journey Scorpio and it is going to be sometime before you reach your destination. Your intuition is guiding you on this path and it would be wise to listen to it. There could be a fresh new start at a job, career or a business venture it is important that you embrace the new in your life and bless the opportunities that come your way. Be careful where your money matters are concerned and pay attention to details before you put the pen to paper.

Sagitarius- Change is on the horizon for you Sagitarius, Even though you have been bogged down by challenges you can sense movement and victory finally. This phase brings to you a new job and the fruits of the hard work you put in before. There will be challenges that will push you to success and growth in the right direction. If you are in a relationship this is a good time to bond together where you can express your emotions and know they are reciprocated in equal measure.

Capricorn– Renewals and reunions are on the cards Cappy, a time of joy and celebration. You feel loved in the company of people who love and appreciate  you.. There is a promise of fulfillment and a joint financial venture can earn you rich dividends..You are in for a celebration at work where you have achieved what you set out to do.There are indications that you could be tying the knot with the love of your life,

Aquarius-Aquarians it is always better to be guided by your own judgement instead of relying on others to come and rescue you.It is time to bring to mind where your financial situation is headed.You will benefit greatly by using your skills and knowledge wisely..Be careful as there is a possibility of some kind of manipulation going on at work to take advantage of you. Avoid power play or ego battles in your relationships and look for a compromise.

Pisces- You have been taking yourself too seriously Pisces, this is the time for you to enjoy yourself add some spice to your life.You have been too seriously involved in your work and have begun to connect the trappings that your work brings to your self worth.Don’t be modest and stand up for yourself at your work place dont let others dominate you or mitigate your self worth.If you find this work too restrictive then look for better options.Old hurts may prevent you from growing close to anyone, let go of these hurts so you can enjoy a fulfilling relationship.


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