Mystical TarotScopes 10th – 17th March 2015

Aries- Dear Aries, you will soon feel that money improvements and stability are slowly making your life easier.Your work environment exudes stability and also encouragement, your efforts and skills are appreciated by your superiors.This is a period where you can consolidate your position at your work place and your finances. Do be careful that you are not particularly obsessed by acquiring wealth.
Taurus- It is time to take matters in your hands instead of others allowing to overrule you.Learn the art of diplomacy instead of heading into a confrontation.In your business try to bring to the fore your experience, your knowledge and your efforts which might lead to a breakthrough in a stagnant situation.Negativity at the moment is blocking your path try to get rid of old perspectives and attitudes that hamper your growth.
Gemini– Gemini your divine wish is likely to come through. A new job, project or a business venture you were very keen on could take shape and concretise. .It is important at this point of time to put in your best efforts and wait for the rewards of your hard work.There is likelihood of a new relationship entering your life which could prove to be very matured and secure, it is also a possibility that you could meet this person through work.
Cancer-Dear Cancer, This phase indicates a successful use of your efforts, energies, creativity to produce lasting results.Find new and different avenues to generate wealth through your talents and creativity.If you are looking to land a good job make sure it gives you an opportunity to exploit your skills and capabilities.If you are currently working on a current project you will do well and take it to its final conclusion.
Leo-Dear Leo, are you sure you are not getting too entangled in the process of making money that you could be neglecting something important? There could be a chance of you benefiting at others expense if that is the case, then please, watch your step and do be fair with others. For some of you your job no longer interests you but you are not willing to look at a change as your fears and obsessions control you. Slowly try to face and confront your fears and you will see fresh new vistas opening in front of you.
Virgo-Virgo you need to use your knowledge to earn money but there are established rules and traditions laid down which you need to follow.You could get a job in the field of medicine, banking or any institution that involves knowledge and tradition.This card also suggests a relationship of the highest order, you and your partner could share a fabulous relationship and could be devoted to a common cause. This relationship is next to a divine relationship, it could also indicate marriage.
Libra- Dear Libran, this phase  indicates a total absorption in all that you do, you could take a course or join a class to hone your skills.You should go to any lengths to achieve your goals and use your knowledge and skills to win accolades. There is still a lot for you to learn it would be wise to totally immerse yourself to learn some of the skills .If in a relationship try to be more dedicated and to learn to be more loving and spontaneous.
Scorpio- Scorpio you are starting on a new journey, either a new job or a new project. Tend to these initial growing pains tenderly and watch them give you great financial results over a period of time.This new project will consume you totally as you are very passionate about it and will require a lot of hard work from your end over a period of time but then you will see your cherished dream turn into a reality very soon.
Sagitarius- DearSagi, teamwork, partnerships and joint ventures are indicated. You are being guided to use your resources in a constructive way for your betterment,manage your money well. You could get into a new job which could be in the field of helping people in a health related field.Your relationship provides you all the comforts, contentment and security that you need at the moment.
Capricorn- Dear Cappy, your finances seem to be stagnant if that is the case it would be wise to look for something new that could prove beneficial.There is a great need for you to let go of apprehensions, lack of confidence and be truely committed to reap the rewards you are looking for. Lack of commitment and fear of losing control could be blocking your energy and all the good from entering your life.In your relationships too commitment is essential to have a nurturing relationship.
Aquarius- Leadership qualities are called for now Aquarius You also need to promote yourself and your plans.. , take control and make things happen.Your enthusiasm is going to inspire others to follow suit.This is an exciting time when your creativity comes to the fore and you will invest lot of effort and energy in a particular project. But you cannot accomplish this alone, teamwork and collaborative effort is called for.
Pisces- Dear Pisces you feel quite lost at the moment, you want to move forward but you are unable to due to obstacles or people trying to interfere in your life .Dont underestimate yourself or get into a compromising position. Focus on one single thing at your workplace instead of frittering away your time and energies. At this time persistence is called for do not let your negative mental blocks hold you back from realising your dream. The situation is really not as bad as you think.


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