Mystical Soul Tarotscopes from Jan 6th – 13th 2015

Aries– New opportunities, accolades, honour and success in your professional life await you. Dear Aries, you may land the perfect job or find that a project that suits your temperament shows up out of the blue. This is the time when you are totally aligned with the universe and have the ability to manifest your dreams.Watch the flow of negative thoughts and repeat cancel, cancel, cancel to prevent them having any effect on you.In love you can look forward to a devoted and loving partnership.

Taurus– Dear Taurus, do listen to others with an open mind but dont let them force their expectations and ideas on you.Try to apply the wisdom and experience you have gained over the years and take the reigns of your financial matters in your hand. You need freedom of expression and intellectual stimulation in all areas of your life.If you feel your present situation is not providing you these elements then perhaps it would be better if you seek other avenues.
 Gemini– Gemini there are happier times ahead, there is clarity about your future plans, enthusiasm and creative success. You find yourself being unusually receptive, generous and open in all that you do. You can expect a repayment of a debt given in the past, there is also a possibility of a past relationship suddenly coming to life. There is an open road in front of you without any obstacles as far as relationships are concerned and a great time to touch the profound depths of your love for your partner.
 Cancer-You are advised to follow a balanced behaviour dear Cancer. It is time you forgot the old hurts and allowed old wounds to heal, avoid power games, ego battles and allow love to unravel in it’s own good time.Professionally it would be better to compromise and cooperate with your colleagues. Financially pay attention to your debts and try to balance spending with investing.
  Leo-Dear Leos. your spiritual and intuitive side is coming to the fore.Listen to your gut instinct and follow your intuition while handling financial matters.Logic and practicality take a backseat now as you are guided and used by your intuition, trust yourself and the decisions that you take. Your gut feeling about a person or a situation could be correct too.
 Virgo–  A period where you express your aesthetic self freely and enthusiastically begins. You will want to immerse yourself  in giving the finishing touches to a creative endeavour which could win you great accolades. This is the time to give concrete shape to your plans and ideas and share them with others.You are about to manifest your dreams Virgo but you have to get out and about and talk …promote yourself.
 Libra– Libra the time is right for you to augment your fortunes doing something you are excited about. I can see new opportunities that spark your interest and promise growth, come your way. New energy envelopes you and enthuses you to heights of creativity. Welcome these opportunities as they are the building blocks to success and abundance but be prepared to give it your all.For singles a passionate relationship is in the offing.
 Scorpio– Scorpios try to be as transparent and keep things as aboveboard as possible.Where work is concerned equilibrium and an equal distribution of work and responsibility is called for.Do not be guided by self interest or unfair means. There is a need for you to be more kind, thoughtful and fair in all your dealings. If there is a matter that needs to be decided by higher authorities or courts be sure that it would be in your favour.
 Sagitarius– Things are looking up for you Sagi, there is improvement in your material wealth andit displays the nature of the universe where things are already determined for you. This good phase comes upon unexpectedly led by a divine force that is guiding your life and not through great planning. Challenges get resolved and things turn to your favour. Your relationships get better or a new relationship comes into your life which is very fulfilling.
 Capricorn– Do not indulge in power struggles Capricorn as it is futile. Your mind is very restless at the moment and tends to drift and you may be over emotional about certain things but this is not the time to lose control you need to seize control of your resources and see that they are deployed at th right places and earning good revenues.There is a great need for integrity, trust and devotion in your relationship nurture, enjoy and share equally everything  but do not be misled by manipulative behaviour.

Aquarius– This phase brings an end to one chapter of your life and makes you start afresh. Old beliefs, thought patterns and attitudes are going to be replaced by a new perspective and a new world view.The old must gives way for the new to come in, you may switch to a new career or a new job, If you find yourself restricted by your present situation then it is time for you to change things and look for things more satisfying.

Pisces- Pisces your times are changing, there are new projects, job opportunities or business ventures awaiting, you are coming into a period where your financial situation is going to ease considerably depending on the hard work and dedication you put into your ventures.There is a possibility of a new romance starting up at the work place which could leave you breathless and yearning for more but hold your horses and be practical for a while.

Mystical Soul Tarotscopes 30th December – 6th Jan 2015

Dear fellow Soul beings 2015 starts and hope this year brings you lot of happiness and abundance and with this I bring to you the Tarot scopes for the last few days of December and the first week of Jan. Wish you a very Happy New Year with newer beginnings.

Aries- There is peace and contentment for you Aries, you feel a sense of accomplishment as many projects will get completed and many loose ends will be tied up.There is giving and receiving and you sense consistency and goodwill in your relationships.Any new initiative started now will reach a fruitful conclusion. Relax, for now, you will reap the rewards of your hard work.

Taurus- The veils are going to be parted Taurus and whatever was shrouded in mystery is going to come out in the open.Things that were baffling you will now start making sense and they will force you to look at what exists beneath the surface rather than face value.You are being asked to silent your mind and pay attention to your intuition about finances and let it guide you in your work too.The feelings that you harbour about a certain someone are also real for your inner knowing is pointing you in the right direction. So trust yourself.

Gemini- It is time Gemini to let go of the old ideas and habits that do not serve any purpose any more. These habits will prove to be more of an encumbrance on your path to fulfillment.It is better to take time out for introspection and confront your fears. A new challenge could appear as a roadblock on your path to success so draw on your strengths and meet the challenge head on. You have the resilience and the power to do it.

Cancer- Times are changing for the better dear Cancer after a trying period comes a time of tranquility. You have more insight and knowledge you have gained through lessons learnt and this knowledge will take you far. Now is the time to make wise decisions and apply all that you have learnt. You have left behind the days of negative thought patterns and limited worldview and are ready for new adventures. Some of you could be travelling and it could form a major part of your work.

Leo- Leos you are getting stuck in a rut and you are being advised to devise new ways of discharging your duties at work.There is a need to change your attitude and become a little more adjusting and supportive of others. Being receptive and open minded instead of being critical and negative  could take you a long way At work there is a surprise coming your way as you could find that your role and responsibilities have changed try to be flexible and take it in your stride.Try to be understanding instead of being judgemental in your relationships.

Virgo- Change is on the horizon Virgo and it could come on suddenly. The cards are telling you to crawl out of your comfort zone and see the world for what it really is. The mystery is about to reveal itself though it may feel discomforting and disturbing but you will realise in the long run that transformation occurs when one is forced to destroy the old and build anew. Once the transformation sets in you will be free of all that held you back.There is likelihood of a career change or change in your role welcome this change.

Libra- You find abundance knocking on your door libra. Make use of this phase to allocate your finances and resources in the best possible way.New partnership opportunities, teamwork or groups play a large role in your life at the moment. You are being advised to indulge in sensual activities learn to appreciate and care for your body, if in a relationship this seems to be a mature connection with an equal degree of give and take. Mutual respect and stability are a possibility in this relationship.

Scorpio- Scorpios the time has come for you to give your work all you got. Apply your knowledge earnestly and try to hone your skills.Your goal is reachable it depends on how badly you want to achieve it. You maybe required to traverse any length to achieve the perfection that is required from you at this point. Dedication and focus are going to take you a long way.

 Sagitarius- It is not good to see life pass by Sagi, you have to fully participate in it, be a part of it. You have plans and ideas and you need to put them to work for your benefit. Take control of your finances and turn them around. Welcome opportunities that stretch your imagination and capabilities to their full potential.Add zest and creativity to your life but make sure you dont compromise on your principles in anyway.

 Capricorn- Dear cap new opportunities and new ideas about it is now time for you to make use of the opportunity that the universe is providing you. There is an open canvas spread in front of you to draw the road map for your future. Try to bring more focus in your business ventures and your job. Bring in your intellect and your creativity and use the tools of communication to your advantage.

Aquarius- Why this despondency Aquarius? You feel trapped, disheartened and don’t know whom to turn to.You should realise that thesituation is really not as bad as you think.There are chances that you could be allowing others to interfere in your life and making things unbearable for yourself. Aquarius don’t underestimate yourself or your prowess to deal with situations. Dont let fears, insecurities tie you down focus on consolidating for the moment.

Pisces- Oh Pisces love abounds! There is immense love in this relationship, your inner being and outer self feel totally aligned and in harmony.This relationship offers mutual respect, understanding and compassion for each other. There is an indication that you could benefit from partnering with someone in business. Try to bring in creativity and a bit of zaniness in your work to make it more appealing to others.

Mystical Tarot scopes from 23rd – 30th December 2014

Aries- Dear Aries this is a time where you have to tread carefully. You could be confused and there could be lack of clarity in your work sphere, you could also get a feeling that you are being pulled in two different directions and don’t know which way to turn. Do not worry and believe in yourself and your abilities. There could be a baffling situation where all seems fine on the surface but there are issues to be resolved, just remember compromise, good         communication skills and patience will take you a long way.

Taurus- This phase dear Taurus calls you to rely on yourself, The only way you are going to earn rich dividends is through your own hard work, perseverance and commitment towards your goals. You have to start making realistic plans regarding your money or property. The cards see a simple, dependable and devoid of artifice person could enter your life.

Gemini how long are you going to keep quiet about your desires and your needs? This is an ideal time to make your voice heard and to let your opinions be known to people who matter. Be forthright and take charge of your life professionally and personally. Use your communication skills and intellect to win over people but be sure that your communication is fair and just where all are concerned.

Cancer- There is a pall of discontent, boredom and gloom hanging around you dear Cancer. Allow this discontent to turn into awareness of who you are and what you really want to do? Do you feel that there is distance between you and your loved one that cant be bridged try to bridge this gap with grace, tenderness and empathy to avoid discord resulting in a separation.

Leo-  Leo you are starting on a new leg of this journey called life.The destination is far off but walk you must.The cards and gods want you to be guided by your intuition and your child like faith in the wonderment of life.This path could signify a career change, a new job or a relationship that seems fated. If already in relationship You are requested to enjoy this new phase in your existing relationship with joy and enthusiasm. There could be many surprises on your way to your destination but keep an open mind, listen to your heart and take that leap of faith

You are requested to

enjoy this new phase in your existing relationship with joy and enthusiasm. There could be many surprises on your way to your destination but keep an open mind, listen to your heart and take that leap of faith

Virgo- Dear Virgo stop being bullied by people and learn to live your own truth. Your distraction and indecisiveness can cause you to lose money or other precious projects that you need right now. Bring clarity to your thoughts and be firm, try to brook interference from other people and try to learn as much as you can so you can stand on your own.

You lucky Libra! after the struggles and upheavals of the past you have come to a haven of rest. You are secure and content.You love and feel loved in return, you are aware of how hard you have worked to come this far.There is a sense of contentment, financial security and stability which comes from supportive family relationships. Prosperity and abundance are present in your life and there are chances of you receiving a grant or a windfall.For those who are single this is a good time to tie the knot.

Scorpio- These last few weeks have been a little rough Scorpio but that does not warrant an almost austere outlook to life. It is time for you to open your heart and express yourself freely.Give and receive love and participate in the game of life. An inspiring opportunity that offers you an avenue to be innovative is in the works and could materialise shortly.The cards want you to rekindle your zest for life and living at this point of time.

A very positive time is ushering in for Sagis, you feel upbeat, bold and competent to handle anything. The negativity and pain of the past fades into the background giving way to harmonious and tranquil times. You are in the right position where you can look at increasing your financial returns and also manage your resources effectively. There is somebody special out there which makes these times even more exciting and positive. Marriage sure is a possibility.

Capricorn- The time is right capricorn to come out of your shell and let the light shine on you. The universe is conspiring to bring you to your full potential and to guide you towards success. These are times cap when your artistic ability and intuition will find a creative outlet and you will see your work being acclaimed. This is no time for halfhearted daydreams this is a time for energetic co creation with the universe to fulfill all that you desire. Put some joy and enthusiasm and let the world know what you are capable of.

Aquarius- Abundance is on its way dear Aquarius, if lately you have been dogged by financial worries then they are sure to pass off.You may find a beneficial partnership that works to your advantage. This is no time for being uptight and refusing any aid from people who want to help. Start being benevolent with your resources, time and talents and you will see prosperity knocking on your door. There are times when we feel alone and unloved but if we see the light within others and love them we will soon be encircled in love that is almost divine.

Pisces- There is a strong need for you to build your confidence and self worth Pisces.To enjoy and participate in the new opportunities that come you need to let go your self effacing nature and take a bold step. Challenges will present themselves on your path and you have to take your chances by committing yourself completely. Stop hesitating and fluctuating, be committed and you will see opportunities knocking your door.

Mystical Soul Tarotscopes 2nd Dec- 9th Dec 2014

Aries- The time has finally come Aries to start a passionate love affair with life. Let new ideas and thoughts encourage you to expand your horizons, let them crystallise and form a roadmap to prepare you for the next step of your journey. Take time and plan for your future as any project started now will need nurturing and a push from your end.

Taurus- The restlessness you have been experiencing lately is pointing you towards the need for a more positive and relaxed attitude. Try to curb rash or extreme decisions this week. There is likelihood of a new partnership coming into your life.This could be professional, spiritual or an emotional partnership. There is no point carrying old wounds that do not allow you to move forward Taurus. Forgiveness is not easy but has its own rewards.

Gemini- There could be some health issues Gemini so do not neglect your health. New deals,contracts and clients could be appearing in your life but it is important that you do a background check and go through the paperwork minutely to avoid any setbacks later. The good news is that there could be someone new arriving on the scene to cheer you up.

Cancer- There are times when life hands us only brickbats and we have to learn our lesson and move on. There are indications of an opportunity where you will be called upon to bring in your expertise and guide people.Those looking for a relationship will find someone a soulmate relationship on the horizon but remember soulmate relationships come into our lives to hold a mirror to us and help us evolve.

Leo- A major decision is looming large in front of you. There could be a career or a job change coming into your life.It would be wise to take stock of your situation and then move ahead. This is also a phase of renewal people who once seemed lost will suddenly show up. Time to review your motives and be ethical in every sphere of life is required.

Virgo- Virgo its time you got down to work. Drifting aimlessly or even allowing our thoughts to drift aimlessly is not going to get us anywhere. Bring organisation, discipline and persistence into your life. The doors to an abundant and prosperous future are going to be flung open and you need to be fully prepared.

Libra- Wearing yourself out is not going to get you anywhere Libra. You are overworked, mentally and physically exhausted. It is important you take things under control and avoid the dangers of falling ill.You have given your best to a situation and now you need to let go so it reaches its natural conclusion. Positive results will definitely materialise from decisions taken wisely.

Scorpio-  Your head has been ruling your life for sometime and it is very important for you to listen to your heart too. Too much logic and practicality creates distance in relationships which is hard to bridge.Your intuition is at its peak right now and it will guide you to bring more compassion and empathy in your life. Listen to it.

Sagitarius- You are going to dance a merry dance Sagitarius. New opportunities, excitement, speedy action all are going to enter your life. It is a glorious time to be swept off your feet and that someone could be just round the corner. Your life is going to get busier and more action packed as time goes by.

Capricorn- You are really not prone to creating misunderstandings or strife for others.Your natural trait of being fair and just should come to the fore now. Avoid any harsh behaviour and right all wrongs whether real or imaginary. You need warmth, laughter and love at this moment give others the same and it will return to you manifold.

Aquarius- Aquarius you are being too hard on yourself, there is no need for it. When we attach our self worth to our possessions we are in for a disappointment.I see you simplifying your needs and your life and valuing yourself once again. There could be chances of a deal going awry or unnecessary delays blocking your progress have patience. Try not to invest at this point of time.

Pisces- You have your eyes trained on that goal and you are going to achieve it. This is a great time to learn new skills, hone your creativity and focus on what you want to achieve. When you want the other person to express  more warmth and love in a relationship you have to initiate it first.Give and it will come back to you manifold.

See you next week and till then….

know you are loved and truely blessed…

Fools Wisdom for the week of 8th December

The Youth Fool

The Youthful Fool whirls and twirls across our threshold today, inviting us to remember that we are a timeless spirit free of all limitations.The only obstacles on our path are the ones we have placed there ourselves.This fool is here is to remind us of the freedom and folly of our younger days and wants us to get a little wild.We are asked to rediscover the love for life and the joy of discovery.Look out the window with fresh eyes and allow ourselves to be playful.Youth is fearless and that’s exactly what we must strive to be. Are some of us so firmly grounded that we forget to live?Let’s break out of the rigid outworn habits and welcome a fresh approach to the problems or challenges at hand.The youth fool is inviting us to pursue the life we want and not to just endure the one we have.

The Crazy Fool

Are you feeling a little crazy? That is not surprising as the crazy fool has slipped in causing our thoughts, our emotions, our judgements; all to slip out of control. We feel temporarily out of control and aggravated by the stirring up of unhealed wounds from the past colliding with too much stimulation from the present and the outer world. We feel distraught and disconnected from our authentic spirit as the ego is desperately trying to run the show.Hold tight and do not panic, the crazy fool visits everyone from time to time. The crazy fool shows up when life is moving faster than we are able to cope with it, causing us to feel threatened and insecure.This fool normally blows things out of proportion and distorts them, he sends our emotions into an overdrive and turns us into highly reactive, dramatic and destructive selves. To control the crazy fool it is important to recognise our vulnerabilities, find compassion for our self and step away from a distressing situation. Reassure your inner child who is the crazy fool in disguise, go deep within and breathe deeply tell your inner child that you are safe and everything is fine with the world and it will be

The Beauty Fool

The beauty Fool is awakening in us, urging us to nourish our spirit through a strong connection to all the beauty around us.Beauty is not something to behold occasionally but it is the inspiration behind all creative expression.Beauty heals by soothing the jagged edges of our ego, opening our heart and waking us up to the spirit of love. Observe keenly the beauty around us and within us, notice everything that is lovely in our lives and the beauty present in all relations and challenges.Only when our eyes are open to the beauty in all things that we can manifest everything we might ever desire and more.

See you next week till then

know you are blessed and loved

Source: Sonia Choquette

Angel Guidance 1st December


Dear friends the Angels reassure us with this card that a particular situation and people involved in it are guiltless.They encourage us in seeing others and ourselves as innocent.If you are involved in a situation where you are harbouring guilt or you hold somebody guilty then it is time that you adopt a more forgiving attitude towards others and yourself.They do not say that you continue to have a relationship with those you distrust but it is necessary to vent toxic emotions from our system. Guilt attracts negativity and represses our emotions, let’s look inside ourselves, find the godliness and perfection that god created and release our guilt to the Angels. Looking at others with love will raise our vibration and manifest love in our lives.

Let your past go

Dear Friends, the load of carrying the past around has indeed been tiresome.The Angels are asking us today to let go of the past as our thoughts and feelings are still connected to it and hindering our moving forward.We are asked to question ourselves about the lesson we have learnt from this particular incident in our lives,forgive the individuals concerned and move on.We do not want to repeat the painful pattern again therefore it is desirable that we let it go,release the negativity concerning our past and keep our vibrations high for attracting more positive events and people in our lives.

Reward Yourself

Dear All you have been giving so much of yourself to others but its time now for you to Reward Yourself.
Do something special for yourself,pamper yourself,feel and accept love and see your Inner child respond with enthusiasm and joy. You will also feel a boost in your energy and will be motivated to take on new challenges.Balance giving with receiving,only giving drains you of energy so go ahead and do something for yourself without feeling any guilt.